Unquiet in the Earth

Sockhops & Seances, the new anthology from 18thWall Productions, is now available. Edited by Nicole Petit (Speakeasies & Spiritualists, Silver Screen Sleuths) and including authors such as Kara Dennison and Jon Black, it also features a brand new Royal Occultist story by me.

thumbnail_Sockhops Front Cover

“Unquiet in the Earth” finds an older but no less pugnacious Ebe Gallowglass having taken over as Royal Occultist, with troublesome assistants of her own. When the Ministry of Esoteric Observation comes calling with reports of ghostly giants in Cornwall, Gallowglass and co. head to the seaside town of Mawgrus looking for answers to a sinister mystery.

This is the first Royal Occultist story I’ve written with post-WW2 setting, but hopefully not the last. I think there’s a lot of potential for entertaining adventures with an older, wiser Gallowglass and her two young assistants, Honoria Jobson and Albert Smyth.

Sockhops & Seances is available via Amazon and its subsidiaries, in both digital and print.