January 2020 Update

This month I’ve  been busy working on the first draft of Poison River. In preparation for the project, I spent most of December getting to grips with the background for Legend of the Five Rings. A new IP always provides its own challenges, and Lot5R was no different. I’ve also been working on pitches for several short stories, as well as a new novel. 


  • Poison River. Legend of the Five Rings novel. 
  • “The Pale Lady”. Andre du Nord short story.
  • SMITE! Lore Chapter.


  • Monmouth’s Giants. A Royal Occultist short story collection. Available for Kindle and in print. 
  • Darkly Dreaming. Warhammer Horror audio drama. Available as CD and MP3 download. 
  • SNAFU: Last Stand. Includes my short story, “Midnight in the House of Bats”. 
  • “Devil’s Bridge”. A new Baron Vordenburg short story. Available only on Patreon. 


  • Their Coats All Red. Includes my short story, “The Disagreeable Bridegroom”.
  • Sherlock Holmes & the Occult Detectives. Includes my short story, “The Ironwood Wardrobe”.
  • Occult Detective Magazine, issue 0. Includes my short story, “The Mere”.
  • Wrath of N’Kai. Arkham Horror novel. 
  • Poison River. Legend of the Five Rings novel.
  • Manflayer. Warhammer 40,000 novel. 
  • Steel Soul. Age of Sigmar novel.


  • Doomtree, No Kings
  • Magic Sword, Awakening
  • Voluminous: The Letters of HP Lovecraft Podcast
  • The Confessions of Dorian Gray Series 05


  • Andrew Hussey, Paris: The Secret History
  • John Sandford,Bloody Genius
  • John Connolly, A Game of Ghosts
  • Various, The Averoigne Legacy
  • George Mann, Hallowdene
  • Dan Weatherer, The Tainted Isle
  • Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential


  • Bob’s Burgers, Season 4
  • Inspector Montalbano, Series 1
  • New Girl, Season 5