March 2020 Update

With Poison River completed, I’ve turned my attentions to other projects this month. Most notably author’s notes and a new short story to fill out the forthcoming second volume of Royal Occultist stories, Hochmuller’s Hound.

I’ve also been working on a pitch for a new novel, and working on getting my Patreon site reorganised. I’d like to start putting up regular content for patrons, but that might mean switching over to a subscription model, rather than my current pay-per-post set-up. I won’t be changing anything anytime soon, whatever I decide.

Black Library just released my Kal Jerico short story, “Red Salvage”, as a digital short this month. I’ve also posted a new Baron Vordenburg story, “A Test of Fortitude”, to my Patreon. It’s free to read, for patrons and non-patrons alike.

After numerous suggestions by friends, I decided to check out Critical Role this month. I started with the second season, and I’m enjoying it so far. Watching people play RPGs is a bit like watching play-throughs of video games – I enjoy the sense of disconnect, however odd that sounds. Then, I am a bit of a hermit by nature.

I also binged season two of Kingdom this month. What a fantastic series – if you haven’t watched the first season, I highly recommend you check it out now. I’ve also been dipping in and out of the first season of Picard. I have a somewhat acrimonious relationship with Star Trek, but despite that I’m enjoying it. It raises some interesting questions about the utopia/dystopia juxtaposition.

Book-wise, I finished a few books, including Fighters of Fear: Occult Detective Stories, a hefty anthology of occult detective stories. I’d read some of them before, but a good many were new to me, and I suspect it’ll be a book I return to often.