May 2020 Update

May has been a month for maintenance, as well as writing. Besides completing the first drafts for a handful of short stories, I’ve begun a long-delayed clean-up effort, pruning all but the most essential information from the site in a bid to refocus it to something more professional.

I’ll gradually sift through the ephemera of the past eight years, and some of the pruned material will reappear, though not necessarily on this site. So if you can’t find a favourite post, don’t worry – it’ll probably be back.

Related to this refocusing effort, I’ve decided to dispense with my TinyLetter list. It’s been four months since I set it up, and not a month has gone by without some issue cropping up. So for the foreseeable future, my monthly updates will be hosted right here, starting with this one. I’ve also made all previous updates available on the blog, in a revised form.

Another change relates to my Patreon account. As I recently noted on Twitter and in last month’s update, I’ve become somewhat disenchanted with Patreon’s setup. As such, I won’t be updating my Patreon for the foreseeable future – though I won’t be dispensing with it entirely. If you are currently a patron, you should feel no obligation to maintain your pledge – though you have my most humble thanks for making it in the first place.

However, as I mentioned last month, I’ve set up a Curious Fictions profile, and so far I much prefer it to Patreon. I’ve posted a handful of free reprints already and starting the first week of June, I’ll be serialising the first Royal Occultist novel, The Whitechapel Demon, there every Friday afternoon.

Subscribers will be able to read it for free, while non-subscribers will be charged six dollars for the entire serial. Once The Whitechapel Demon is completed, I’ll serialise the sequel, The Jade Suit of Death, followed by The Infernal Express. Like The Whitechapel Demon, both will be free to subscribers and will cost non-subscribers six dollars.

In addition, I’ll be posting a short story once per month, also starting in June. Sometimes it’ll be a reprint, other times a completely new story, exclusive to Curious Fictions. Reprints will be free to read for subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Like the serials, new stories will be free for subscribers, and will cost non-subscribers two dollars apiece.

To sum up, subscribers can enjoy a new serial chapter every Friday, and a short story once a month. To subscribe, or read the free stories I’ve already posted, follow this link to my profile. If you’d like to be notified when I create a new story or post, make sure you follow my profile, and if you enjoy the stories, be sure to hit the ‘Like’ button. Every little bit helps.