July 2020 Update

July was fairly sedate, as far as work goes. I completed a novel-length project – which I still can’t talk about, unfortunately – as well as another short story, titled “Cheyne Walk, 1985”. It’s a Royal Occultist story…of sorts, though perhaps a bit darker than the usual entries in the series.

I also did some lore work for Hi-Rez Studios, and made notes for a project I’ll be working on later this year. And I started work on a new Baron Vordenburg story, tentatively titled “Heart of Ice”, which sends the Baron to the wilds of Thunder Bay in pursuit of a cannibalistic spirit.

Speaking of the Royal Occultist, I released a new story in the series, “Scholar’s Fire”, on Curious Fictions this month. Set in 1666, it finds John Cadmus, servant of Rupert, Duke of Cumberland, hunting a fiery salamander through the streets of London, while the city burns.

Like “A Tiger’s Heart, A Player’s Hide” (2016), it features a past Royal Occultist, and builds on some previously mentioned background for the series. I can’t say whether there’ll be any further John Cadmus stories in the future, but I wouldn’t mind returning to him under the right circumstances. “Scholar’s Fire” is available for free to subscribers, and $2.00 for everyone else.

And last month’s Curious Fictions story, “Elizabeth on the Island”, got a nice review courtesy of Track of Words. Why not go check it out? If it perks your interest, the story is available to read for free, for subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

I’ve also posted several new chapters to The Whitechapel Demon, the first Royal Occultist novel. There are now nine chapters available for subscribers to read for free. Non-subscribers can read the book – including forthcoming chapters – for the low price of $6.00. You can check out the whole thing at Curious Fictions.

And that’s about it for this month.

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