The Brazen Head of Frankenstein

In lieu of real content, have a few random assortments from my commonplace book. Automatons, Italian cinema and a grimoire. All the ingredients for an interesting weekend.

Brazen heads. Mechanical or magical automaton. Answers any question put to it, albeit in a ‘yes or no’ sort of way. Connected to alchemy and occultism. Also, ‘the Skull of Balsamo’ is too good not to use in some fashion. Either as a title or a macguffin. Possibly a Royal Occultist story.

The Monster of Frankenstein. Il Mostro di Frankenstein. 1920s Italian silent horror film. Lost film. Very little is known about it, though I fully expect someone to show up in the comments and say otherwise. This is one of those things that I really, really want to do something with, but for the life of me, can’t figure out what. Is it the germ of a Royal Occultist story? A ghost story? I’ll figure it out eventually.

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. Grimoires. I do love grimoires. Especially ones used by Moses to defeat the magicians of Egypt. And ones mentioned in Manly Wade Wellman stories. These things are like multi-tools. Good for any sort of story, really.

7 thoughts on “The Brazen Head of Frankenstein

  1. Do you know of any reasonably priced collections of Wellman’s works? I began looking at the Silver John series (as I’d read a couple back in the 90’s and the covers stuck in my head) but man, the prices are outrageous. And his John Thunstone collection isn’t even in ebook form, only a super rare hardcover that’s so overpriced that it is a collectable, not a book.

  2. Hey Josh: All three of these sound fascinating and definitely seed thought material…..(1)Brazen Heads….Joseph Balsamo/Count Cagliostro/ A.Dumas/ Golden Dawn, etc……(2)Frankenstein, this Italian movie being the last silent film as a bookends to Edison’s 1st silent Frankenstein….perhaps some dreaded connection between the two,….(3)the cabalistic grimoire of one of the lost tribes of Israel…just some thoughts mulled

    Have fun

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