Fixing the Bones

Another from the commonplace book. A thing about medieval bones and the thieves who love them.

So. Unsanctioned traffic in relics was a thing in the Middle Ages. That’s practically begging for a story – a series of stories, even. Relic-smugglers breaking into and looting the holy tombs of Rome, selling the bones of the saints to collectors and churchmen across the Alps. Think Ocean’s Eleven, only set in a Roman sepulchre rather than a Las Vegas casino. Maybe even Ocean’s Thirteen. 

Not Ocean’s Twelve, though. Nobody wants that.

Dibs on that idea, by the way. That’s my idea. Get your own.

Oh, wait. Shoot. Le Scorpion is a thing. Read Le Scorpion, by the way. It’s pretty great. I’ve read the first three or four albums and it’s a nice little swashbuckling action/conspiracy thriller.

Still a good idea though. I can probably add vampires to it. Maybe something having to do with essential salts. Really punch it up for the after-dark crowd.

Oh, I bet I could even do a fantasy spin on it!