Hogs and Kisses

I’m the poster child of what not to do.

– Bruce

Sometimes, you want your horror film to be a stylistic descent into the darkest part of the human soul. And sometimes you just want to watch a giant pig eat some folks. Thus, my decision to make Chris Sun’s 2017 Boar the eighth entry in this year’s Fright Festival.

Anyway, it’s a film about a giant pig that eats some people. A lot of people. Most of them Australian. It almost eats former professional wrestler Nathan Jones, despite his use of various wrestling moves to defeat it. It does eat Bill Moseley and John Jarratt – both of whom have also eaten people, in other movies – amongst others. There’s some family drama, a bit of socio-economic commentary, yada-yada, but the important thing here is that there is a giant boar and it eats people.

Also, this is not Razorback (1984), which is also a movie about a giant pig that eats people – mostly Australians. Like Boar, Razorback is a fine film, if you are in the mood to watch people being eaten by a boar of unusual size. As I am almost always in that mood, I love both films unabashedly.

I give it 4 giant boars eating people out of 5.