Bascomb, Suliban and Tring

Today’s entry from the ol’ commonplace book is a bit of doggerel I found in some book of folklore or other. I know that Tring is a real place, but I’m not sure about Bascomb or Suliban. Maybe they were real at some point, or maybe it’s a Tlon and Uqbar sort of situation.

Anyway, onto the doggerel:

Bascomb was a city

When Suliban was a wood,

Tring was a little place

and never any good!

I have no idea why I wrote this nonsense down. Like so much of what winds up in my commonplace book, something about it must have struck me as interesting. Maybe it was the names or the rhythm – who knows? Anyway, if anyone reading this knows anything about Bascomb or Suliban, feel free to drop me a line in the comments.