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This month’s free story has just been posted to the blog!

“The Black Pullet” is a tale of historical sword and sorcery, starring Alexandre Dumas. As always, it’s absolutely free to read, but if you enjoy it, please consider buying Josh a coffee


Aconyte Books is launching its first book tour with The Book Network starting on the 17th of Jan over on Instagram and TikTok.⁠ The first in a line of monthly tours starts with CMON Games Zombicide Last Resort, by Josh Reynolds!


Josh sits down with Anjuli to talk about Zombicide: Last Resort!


Zombicide: Last Resort is Josh’s first foray into the apocalyptic world of ZOMBICIDE. Join Westlake, Ramirez and El Calavera Santo as they battle undead park rangers and worse in the Adirondacks.

The zombie apocalypse has driven humanity up into the Adirondacks. Enter Westlake, a hardened career criminal on the path of “the Villa”, a legendary mafia hideout where he can escape the devastation. When he’s ambushed by the undead, an old FBI “friend” and his squad of survivors rescue him… and then force him to reveal his secrets. Reluctantly, Westlake is saddled with an oddball team to navigate minefields, trip wires, and flesh-eating zombies at every turn to find their safe haven…


“Bruno J. Lampini and the Sanguinary Assignation” is the fourth Bruno J. Lampini story to appear in print, and the wildest outing yet for the amoral acquisitionist of the eldritch!

Enter freely, and drink deeply of fifteen vampire tales told by a sanguinary collection of modern horror authors. Here you will find both traditional vampires, and those who stretch genre boundaries. Not all of these Nosferatu drink blood, but they all share an unholy thirst for human lives. So step into the shadows, and listen for the children of the night.

With Stories by:
Amanda DeWees
Donald F. Glut
John Linwood Grant
Leanna Renee Hieber
Paul McNamee
Chris McAuley
Lee Murray
Josh Reynolds
Cat Scully
Jeff Strand
A new Sonja Blue story by Nancy A. Collins
A New Bubba the Monster Hunter story by John Hartness
A New Deacon Chalk story by James R. Tuck
A new Jonathan Crowley/Carter Decamp story by James A. Moore and Charles R. Rutledge
And introducing Renard Duvall in a story by Cliff Biggers


Casefiles of the Royal Occultist: Hochmuller’s Hound is the second instalment of a series collecting all of Josh Reynolds’ Royal Occultist stories. This volume features two all-new, never before published stories revealing the first battles between St. Cyprian and the mad Dr. Ptolemy!

From the shattered cities of the western front to the high occult parties of London, a monstrously altered hound stalks.

Dedicated to giving the gods physical form, Dr. Ptolemy builds his own vessels for ancient beings and eldritch terrors.

Only the Royal Occultist can stand resolute against these implacable foes.

Charles St. Cyprian and his assistant, Ebe Gallowglass, defend the British Empire against sinister secret societies, eldritch occurrences, and foul creatures of myth and legend. If there are satyrs running amok in Somerset, or werewolves prowling Wolverhampton, the daring duo will be there to see them off.