Aconyte Fall 2022 Titles

Aconyte Books has announced its line-up for Fall 2022, which includes a new Zombicide novel by Josh! From the blurb:

Caught between murderous humans and hungry undead, a newly resurrected thief must survive a casino-turned-gladiatorial arena and his own growing bloodlust in this dark, yet vibrant splatterfest from Zombicide!

When former career criminal Westlake finds himself semi-zombified and shuffling towards Atlantic City, he freaks out. He’s supposed to be dead, after all. Kidnapped, he becomes part of a savage gladiator-styled show for the amusement of a heartless overlord.

Lucky for him, ex-FBI agent Estela Ramirez and her crew of mishap heroes are already on their way to save him and stop the horrors being inflicted on the humans in good ol’ AC… if they can figure out a way to fly a plane there, that is.

While trying to stay “alive” and resist the urge to gnaw human flesh, Westlake realizes that while the zombies are pretty bad, the worst thing in this apocalypse is definitely the people.

All or Nothing is a follow up to 2021’s Last Resort, and will be available in ebook and paperback in September. To learn more, visit the Aconyte Books website!