Flower Path Now Available

The newest Daidoji Shin Mystery, Flower Path, is now available in digital and audio format from Aconyte Books! From the blurb:

Opening night at the Foxfire Theater is set to be a huge success for Daidoji Shin, amateur detective turned theatre impresario. The City of the Rich Frog’s leading lights are all there, but even as the performance begins, the Three Flower Troupe’s new lead actress is found dead backstage – and everyone in the venue is a potential suspect. Shin has only till the curtain falls to find the killer. But the clock is ticking and Shin can only hold the great and the good hostage so long. As the night wears on, the chance of the murderer escaping justice grows ever more likely…

You can read an excerpt at the Aconyte Books site, as well as order your copy. The paperback edition will be available in September. And if you enjoy Flower Path, be sure to check out the first two books in the series, Poison River and Death’s Kiss.