Book of Carnacki Out Now

The new anthology from Belanger Books, The Book of Carnacki, is now available. It includes Josh’s short story, “The Stalls of Wych Street” – a new tale of the Royal Occultist!

Rather than drawing on existing pastiches, or simply presenting a selection of further, similar cases, The Book of Carnacki offers a range of new and intriguing tales which explore far more of the Second Great Detective’s life and activities.

Within this packed volume, therefore, although you will still find an enjoyable selection of investigations in the ‘classic’ style, you will also encounter stories which feature Carnacki at different stages of his career, from being a schoolboy, and then a young man of vigour, through to the weariness of his last years. With his ancient manuscripts and his modern monographs, with his cameras, protective herbs, and electrical pentacle, the Ghost Finder is ready to face the Dark.

In the eighteen stories written for this anthology, Thomas Carnacki faces scientific and spiritual mysteries, plus deception and doubt. A haunted landscape and a cursed book; a Japanese naval officer in fear for his life, and a London street which cannot exist. There will be lethal threats, but also tongue-in-cheek parody, and you will even learn a little more of his constant audience – Dodgson, Arkright, Jessop and Taylor, the four men who met regularly at his Cheyne Walk home to hear him recount his experiences.

The tragic fate of Aster in the case of the Black Veil is revealed, as is the horrifying truth behind the original Hope Hodgson story ‘The Searcher of End House’. Nor is Carnacki always alone in the field, as we add a tale which concerns his tutelage of the Royal Occultist, Charles St Cyprian – and an adventure which has a starring role for Sherlock Holmes himself!