Cryptids Clashed

CRYPTID /ˈkrɪptɪd/ noun an animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the yeti. Last year, I had the pleasure of helping James Bojaciuk of 18thWall Productions to edit a series of novellas by some of the finest speculative authors of my acquaintance. ‘Cryptid Clash’ started as a joke on Facebook, and … Continue reading Cryptids Clashed

Occult Preview

Today, courtesy of 18thWall Productions, as well as artists Johannes (Cryptid Clash, The Chromatic Court) and Barbara Sobczyńska, I’ve got a look at some of the internal art for the forthcoming Royal Occultist collection, Monmouth’s Giants (as well as another look at that fantastic cover). 

Carolina Stomp

The final instalment of Cryptid Clash!, “Inzignanin”, is now available from 18thWall Productions. Lee County Lizard Man versus Third-Eye Man, with mercenaries, scientists and Confederate zombies caught in the middle.

Rumble, Young Worm, Rumble

The newest instalment of Cryptid Clash!, “Rumble” by Nikki Nelson-Hicks, is now available from 18thWall Productions. Mongolian Death Worms versus the monstrous Eaters in the Rocks, with a bevy of bureaucrats, environmentalists and mercenaries caught in the middle.

Horror in the Hills

A new entry in 18thWall Productions’ Cryptid Clash! series, edited by James Bojaciuk and myself, is now available. “The Himalayan Horror”, by C.L. Werner, finds yetis brawling with Nazis, as well as a devilish canine out of nightmare.

Maddening Thunder

There’s a new volume of Cryptid Clash! out from 18thWall Productions – “The Thunder of Madness”, by David Annandale. Soldiers and scientists clash over control of a deadly weapon, as cryptids battle amid the fury of the First World War.

Nu-World Knockout

18thWall Productions’ Cryptid Clash! continues, and this time out, Gav Thorpe brings the violence with “Conquest of the Nu-World: Ban-Manush Vs. Buru”.  As a newly terraformed colony world goes silent, a team of mercenaries and middle-management set out to investigate. But something is waiting on them. Something hungry… Edited by James Bojaciuk and myself, Cryptid Clash! pits … Continue reading Nu-World Knockout