Josh Reynolds is a writer, occasional editor and semi-professional monster movie enthusiast. He has been a professional author since 2007, and has had over twenty novels published in that time, as well as a wealth of shorter fiction pieces, including short stories, novellas and the occasional audio script. An up-to-date list of his published work, including licensed fiction for Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 lines, can be found on this site.

He grew up in South Carolina,  a place where hoodoo is still regularly practiced. Where vampire-trees are marked with witch-sign and where soul-bottles are hung from branches. Where people paint their houses blue to keep out hungry ghosts and never burn wood from a tree where someone’s been hanged.

In retrospect, his chosen vocation is unsurprising.


  1. Hi Josh
    I’m a big fan of Occult Detectives.And I’m ashamed to say although I’ve read a few of your stories in various collected works over the past few years.I’ve only just recently become aware of your character Charles St Cyprian.I’ve since read some of the online prose featuring St Cyprian and got a hold of a short story collection that features one of your stories.But I was wondering if there’s any plans to collect all the St Cyprian stories together in one volume.
    Certainly a book I’d love to add to my collection of Occult Detectives if it did happen.
    All the very best
    Steve Smith

    1. Hi Steve,

      I’m glad you enjoyed some of the St. Cyprian stories! You’ll be happy to know that there is a plan in the works to collect some (not all) of the stories either late this year or early next. It will contain several of the longer stories, as well as one or two new ones, written especially for said collection. Hopefully, it’ll be the first of several such collections…

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