The Enemy of Evil

Sic pereant inimici tui, Domine. - John Thunstone, Rouse Him Not, 1982 Manly Wade Wellman is responsible for the creation of a number of supernatural sleuths, occult detectives and werewolf punchers, including Judge Pursuivant. But, arguably one of the more well-known of Wellman’s coterie of heroes is John Thunstone. Big and blocky, with a well-groomed … Continue reading The Enemy of Evil

The Amateur’s Amateur

Today's look at the world of the Royal Occultist centres on one of Charles St. Cyprian's better-known associates, the amateur occultist, Philip Wendy-Smythe. Philip Wendy-Smythe is the last of a once-proud line. Avowed orientalist and amateur occultist, he has amassed a substantial collection of mostly fake, but occasionally extremely dangerous artefacts, grimoires and statuary. Over … Continue reading The Amateur’s Amateur