Author: Josh Reynolds

I'm a writer of moderate skill and exceptional confidence and I have written quite a bit. Some of it was even published. By real publishers. For money. How awesome is that?

A Brief Pause


Just a quick note to say I’ll be a bit scarce for the next month or so, both here and on social media. As some of you may be aware, my wife and I are expecting our first child in early September, which means I’ll be fairly busy for the next few…years?

Anyway, I won’t be gone forever, but this is your three minute warning that the blog might be fairly quiet for the next few weeks (or months). In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy some free fiction or consider checking out my Patreon.

You could also pick up a copy of my latest novel, Soul WarsIt’s a great jumping on point, if you’re interested in learning about Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar setting.

Beast’s Claw

The newest instalment of the Eight Lamentations series popped up on the Black Library site today. “War-Claw” is a full-length audio drama that finds Owain Volker, Gunmaster of Azyr, and his companion, Zana Mathos, on the hunt for one of the eponymous Lamentations at a mountain outpost, besieged by unnatural creatures. (more…)