Dig the Dead

“The church of St. Mawgan, in Kerrier, was formerly at Carminowe, at the end of the parish. It was removed thence to its present site on account of the ghoulish propensities of the giants, who used to dig up the dead from their graves. The in-habitants tried in vain to destroy them by making deep … Continue reading Dig the Dead

Men From the Ministry

Today's entry in the Royal Occultist Compendium delves into the bureaucratic wrangling of  the Ministry of Esoteric Observation and Containment. The Ministry of Esoteric Observation and Containment was formed in 1907, following the disappearance of Edwin Drood, the then Royal Occultist. Drood, a firm believer in the rational sciences and the observation, classification and regulation … Continue reading Men From the Ministry

The Phantom Fighter

“Tomorrow is another day, and who knows what new task lies before us?”- Jules de Grandin ‘He was...rather under medium height, but with military erectness of carriage that made him seem several inches taller than he actually was. His light blue eyes were small and exceedingly deep set and would have been humorous had it … Continue reading The Phantom Fighter