Albion Triumphant

Today, our exploration of the Royal Occultist universe delves into the secretive and sinister organisation known as the Order of the Cosmic Ram. The origins of the Order of the Cosmic Ram are shrouded in mystery, even to the bulk of its membership, which is comprised of men from the highest levels of English society. … Continue reading Albion Triumphant

The Judge

Don’t you think a man always recognizes a woman he has loved?- Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant A man of great height and greater girth, Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant devoted his golden years to investigating the occult in the works of North Carolina author, Manly Wade Wellman. Pursuivant, with his broad bulbous nose and protruding, warm … Continue reading The Judge

He Still Lives

Two bullets in his heart. But he still lives.- Wolf Von Frankenstein Son of Frankenstein, released in 1939, is a step in a darker direction for the Monster. In Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, Boris Karloff's nuanced performance built the beast up as a sympathetic character, a child of misfortune, driven into the wilderness and … Continue reading He Still Lives

Werewolf Mass

In my mad and werewolf heart, I have howled a century away.In despair and rage:The bread and wine of werewolf Mass. - Robert Anton Wilson, Werewolf Bridge I'm not a big Robert Anton Wilson fan. I barely made it through the Illuminatus! trilogy. Nonetheless, some of his incidental writings hit the mark with me in … Continue reading Werewolf Mass

A Doctor, Darkly

I believe the entire natural world is but the ultimate expression of that spiritual world from which, and in which alone, it has its life.- Dr. Martin Hesselius Doctor Martin Hesselius was dead the first time Sheridan Le Fanu put pen to page and began writing the first piece in his 1872 collection, In A … Continue reading A Doctor, Darkly