The Ghost Seer

Does a night like this fill you with vague longings? Do you yearn to discover the secret of the universe-to know more than is good for man to know-perhaps to peer into the future?- Aylmer Vance Aylmer Vance made his first appearance on the nightmare stage in 1914. The creation of husband-and-wife writing team Alice … Continue reading The Ghost Seer

The Last Wolf

Recently, I watched The Last Wolf: Karl Edward Wagner, a documentary about - well - Karl Edward Wagner. It was a fascinating and somewhat sobering 'warts and all' look at one of the most accomplished dark fantasy and horror writers of the late Twentieth Century. Wagner has always been one of my literary touchstones. Like … Continue reading The Last Wolf

The Hateful Hound

In today's look at the Royal Occultist universe, we examine one of Charles St. Cyprian's deadliest foes…the monstrous Hound of Mons.  The first recorded appearance of the gigantic canine known as the Hound of Mons was in Belgium in 1914, when it reportedly stalked No Man's Land. An enormous black mastiff, driven mad by the … Continue reading The Hateful Hound

The Diehard

Lady of gentle birth, Scottish, young, penniless, possessing strong psychic powers, will devote her services to the solving of uncanny mysteries or the ‘laying of ghosts’. Offer quite genuine. Reply, with particulars and remuneration offered, to S. C. c/o Mrs Barker, 14b Air Street, Regent’s Park, London.- Shiela Crerar Shiela Crerar, psychic investigator and adventuress, … Continue reading The Diehard