Terminus Point

So, given that the Old World is fast approaching its terminus point, it behooves me to point out that it is entirely likely that the range of Warhammer Fantasy-related tie-in fiction of all shapes, sizes and lengths, will join it in the apocalyptic fires of the End Times. As in, they’ll go out of print. Which means that if you ain’t got ’em by now, you won’t be getting them.

Now, it’s possible that this is simple hyperbole on my part, but who knows? Certainly not me, which is why I’m writing this. So why not grab a copy of one of the following books before it’s too late? Continue reading “Terminus Point”


So, there’s been some discussion across the interwebs about what folks ought to read, in order to fully enjoy The Return of Nagash. Seeing as I’m the author, I thought I might make some suggestions. Naturally, many of these suggestions will have also been authored by me, because I just got my royalty statement, and I would like to goose those numbers a bit for next time. So, without further ado, let’s see what’s on my End Times list, shall we?  Continue reading “HARBINGER OF THE END TIMES”

‘Tis the Season for Shameless Self-Promotion

The holidays have crept up on us once again, and given the paucity of my posting hereabouts lately, I felt like I might as well go for broke and remind the five people still checking up on ye old blog that I have many books for sale, should they wish to give the gift of fine literature this season.  Continue reading “‘Tis the Season for Shameless Self-Promotion”

GOTREK & FELIX: LOST TALES Now Available for Preorder

Gotrek & Felix: Lost Tales is now available for preorder from Black Library. Lost Tales, if you were unaware, is a collection of four stories, including one by me, myself and I, that were originally released digitally (or in audio, in the case of one), and are now, at last, being offered in print.  Continue reading “GOTREK & FELIX: LOST TALES Now Available for Preorder”