World Eaters

Red Fief

This past weekend, my second Horus Heresy audio drama, Blackshields: The Red Fief became available for order. A sequel to last year’s Blackshields: The False War, Red Fief finds Endryd Haar and his merry band of psychopaths raiding a World Eater tithe-world, in search of supplies and recruits. But as one might expect, they find more than they bargained for.  (more…)

Enyalius, In Memoriam

The Black Library Advent Calendar continues to deliver new stories, and this past Sunday saw a second entry from me, hot on the heels of Wednesday’s outing with Fabius Bile. “Enyalius, In Memoriam” is short and sweet, and revolves around the funerary practices of the traitorous Space Marines of the World Eaters Legion. (more…)