Infernal Express

When, Where, What, Who

Over the past five (nearly six) years, I’ve written a plenitude of stories featuring the characters of Charles St. Cyprian, the Royal Occultist, and his assistant, Ebe Gallowglass. So many, in fact, that two years ago I had to assemble a story chronology, for my benefit, if no one else’s. And since I’m busy this week and it’s unlikely that you’ll be getting any substantive posts, here’s said chronology, with accompanying art by MD Jackson. (more…)

Eldritch Update

Yesterday brought some good news, of an eldritch bent. Eldritch Inquests, that is. It looks like the long-awaited second volume of the occult detective anthology I co-edited with Miles Boothe is finally on it’s way to the shelves. With stories by Neil Baker, Brian M. Sammons, Meredith Torre and Bob Freeman, among others, it’s sure to be a fine companion piece to the incredible first volume. (more…)

The Year to Come

The year’s not quite over yet but I’ve already got a few projects lined up for 2016. Not many, but a few. Because I like to stay busy, me.

Most of them are writing-related, natch. Others are social-media type stuff…I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be slowly overhauling both this blog and The Royal Occultist site, as well as cleaning up my Facebooks and Tweeters and such.  (more…)