Mack Bolan


‘Final Assault’. As titles go, it’s appropriate enough, if a bit misleading.

Final Assault will be my fourth (and likely final) contribution to the long-running Executioner series, under the nom de plume (or should that be nom de guerre?) of Don Pendleton.  One boat, two dozen killers, this December. (more…)

WIP Wednesday (February Edition)

Another month, another project. That’s how it feels sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good feeling, but man…it’s only February, and my schedule is chock full of interesting things, all demanding my attention. If you’re interested in hearing about that sort of thing, by all means read on. (more…)

‘Tis the Season for Shameless Self-Promotion

The holidays have crept up on us once again, and given the paucity of my posting hereabouts lately, I felt like I might as well go for broke and remind the five people still checking up on ye old blog that I have many books for sale, should they wish to give the gift of fine literature this season.  (more…)

The Tuesday WIP Shuffle

And by WIP, I mean work-in-progress. It’s been a good while since I’ve talked about what I’m currently working on, mostly because I’ve been, you know, working on it. But I figure the literally tens of people who follow this blog are due an update. So…what am I working on?  (more…)

The WIP at World’s End…

…well, year’s end, really. In a few short days 2012 will give way to 2013 and where will I be? Well, I’ll be working on a number of things. If knowing what those are is the sort of thing you’re interested in–and why wouldn’t you be? You’re here after all–well, read on, by all means.  (more…)