WIP Wednesday #16: Ed’s Edits

I used to visit a secondhand bookstore in Columbia called Ed’s Editions. High class joint. Shelves of first edition hardbacks and spinner racks of crumbling paperbacks, lovingly sealed in plastic bags. Old books and new.  Treasure everywhere you looked. I have no idea why I thought of that today. Anyway, week sixteen. Continue reading “WIP Wednesday #16: Ed’s Edits”

Eldritch Update

Yesterday brought some good news, of an eldritch bent. Eldritch Inquests, that is. It looks like the long-awaited second volume of the occult detective anthology I co-edited with Miles Boothe is finally on it’s way to the shelves. With stories by Neil Baker, Brian M. Sammons, Meredith Torre and Bob Freeman, among others, it’s sure to be a fine companion piece to the incredible first volume. Continue reading “Eldritch Update”

The Cryptids Are Coming!


So, on Monday I got the go ahead from James Bojaciuk of 18th Wall Productions to announce that in 2016 I’ll be co-editing CRYPTID CLASH!

What is CRYPTID CLASH! you ask? Why, it’ll be a series of novellas featuring cryptid-on-cryptid violence from a coterie of crackpot authors, including David Annandale, Gav Thorpe, William Meikle, C L Werner, Nikki Nelson-Hicks, Derrick Ferguson and Frank Larnerd. Oh and me.

Because sometimes you have to give in to the devil on your shoulder and write about a lizardman fighting a three-eyed steam-tunnel dwelling hobo, right? Right.

Anyway, you’ll be hearing more about this project over the course of the next year. And who knows…if it proves popular, there might even be a CRYPTID CLASH, ROUND TWO!…