Soul’d Out


Quick note to say I’ll be talking Soul Wars on Warhammer TV Friday 15th June, between 4-5pm. You can catch it live on, if you’re interested.  And remember that on 16th June, I’ll be appearing at Black Library Live 2018, in Nottingham. 

You can also head over to the Black Library Facebook page to ask me questions about Soul Wars, or about the rest of my Black Library work. You’ve got until the 14th of June, if there’s something you’ve always wanted to ask me…that you haven’t already, in one of the hundred other places available for you to do that, I mean.

New Interviews

I’ve been remiss about mentioning a few recent Black Library-specific interviews.

First up is a two part interview with Michael Dodd, over at Track of Words.

Josh Reynolds Talks Humour, Horror and the Age of Reynolds

Then there’s a two part audio interview with Kenny Lull of the Combat Phase Podcast. The first part of the interview starts at the 53 minute mark.

And last but not least, an interview with Tyler Mengel, of Mengel Miniatures.

Age of Reynolds: An Interview with Josh Reynolds

And if you’d like to see me in person, I’ll be at the Black Library Weekender this weekend. If you’re around, come say hello. I’ll be signing books on Saturday and Sunday, and on…various panels.

Howl of the Grey Dog

Author and lurcher-enthusiast John Linwood Grant has kindly wasted some of his time interviewing me for his site, greydogtales. We talk about horror films, what I like to read, and, of course, the Royal Occultist. Why not go check it out? And after you’ve done that, why not take a look at John’s own take on the occult detective genre, with his tales of The Last Edwardian?

Persistence Counts

Genre-nomad M. H. Norris has interviewed me on behalf of 18thWall Productions. We talk a bit about my novella, “The Door of Eternal Night”, the unfortunate fate of Mr. James Phillimore, and my advice for aspiring authors. If that sounds interesting, check it out here, and maybe pick up a copy of the novella while you’re at it.

Merry Ghost Hunter Interview

Tim Prasil, author and occult detective historian, kindly interviewed me about the Royal Occultist series, as part of his new 4-Question Interview series over at his new site, The Merry Ghost Hunter. I talk a bit about fictional worlds, future books and forthcoming stories. Head over to The Merry Ghost Hunter and check it out. And be sure to check out the previous interview with author and artist Bob Freeman as well.