The Enemy of Evil

Sic pereant inimici tui, Domine. - John Thunstone, Rouse Him Not, 1982 Manly Wade Wellman is responsible for the creation of a number of supernatural sleuths, occult detectives and werewolf punchers, including Judge Pursuivant. But, arguably one of the more well-known of Wellman’s coterie of heroes is John Thunstone. Big and blocky, with a well-groomed … Continue reading The Enemy of Evil

The Phantom Fighter

“Tomorrow is another day, and who knows what new task lies before us?”- Jules de Grandin ‘He was...rather under medium height, but with military erectness of carriage that made him seem several inches taller than he actually was. His light blue eyes were small and exceedingly deep set and would have been humorous had it … Continue reading The Phantom Fighter

The Ghost Seer

Does a night like this fill you with vague longings? Do you yearn to discover the secret of the universe-to know more than is good for man to know-perhaps to peer into the future?- Aylmer Vance Aylmer Vance made his first appearance on the nightmare stage in 1914. The creation of husband-and-wife writing team Alice … Continue reading The Ghost Seer

The Diehard

Lady of gentle birth, Scottish, young, penniless, possessing strong psychic powers, will devote her services to the solving of uncanny mysteries or the ‘laying of ghosts’. Offer quite genuine. Reply, with particulars and remuneration offered, to S. C. c/o Mrs Barker, 14b Air Street, Regent’s Park, London.- Shiela Crerar Shiela Crerar, psychic investigator and adventuress, … Continue reading The Diehard

The Judge

Don’t you think a man always recognizes a woman he has loved?- Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant A man of great height and greater girth, Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant devoted his golden years to investigating the occult in the works of North Carolina author, Manly Wade Wellman. Pursuivant, with his broad bulbous nose and protruding, warm … Continue reading The Judge

A Doctor, Darkly

I believe the entire natural world is but the ultimate expression of that spiritual world from which, and in which alone, it has its life.- Dr. Martin Hesselius Doctor Martin Hesselius was dead the first time Sheridan Le Fanu put pen to page and began writing the first piece in his 1872 collection, In A … Continue reading A Doctor, Darkly