Today is Manly Wade Wellman’s birthday. I’ve spoken of my regard for Wellman before, so rather than rehash it here, I’ll simply direct you to the post in question. I still mean every word of it. Wellman and his world still have the power to see me through the dark days and rough patches, even after all these years. I regularly re-read the adventures of John Thunstone and wise old Judge Pursuivant. I still like to imagine a man called John, striding along a mountain trail, strumming his silver-stringed guitar.  (more…)

Weird Heroes

My second fictive offering of 2015, “Hairy Shanks”, is now available for all interested parties thanks to the good people at Pro Se Press. It’s the first installment in the ‘WEIRD HEROES’ series–a series which I hope will prove to be a very successful entry in Pro Se’s Single Shot Signatures line. (more…)