The Unnameables

Today's look at the world of the Royal Occultist focuses on an old friend and staunch ally of Charles St. Cyprian, the ex-soldier and adventurer, Bobby Ogden, as well as his fellow 'Unnameables'. Sergeant Robert ‘Bobby’ Ogden, formerly of the 4th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, currently of no fixed abode. Ogden and his squad were seconded to … Continue reading The Unnameables

The Amateur’s Amateur

Today's look at the world of the Royal Occultist centres on one of Charles St. Cyprian's better-known associates, the amateur occultist, Philip Wendy-Smythe. Philip Wendy-Smythe is the last of a once-proud line. Avowed orientalist and amateur occultist, he has amassed a substantial collection of mostly fake, but occasionally extremely dangerous artefacts, grimoires and statuary. Over … Continue reading The Amateur’s Amateur

The Westenra Fund

A body drained of blood is found on Hampstead Heath. Three nights later, a white face is seen pressed against a window in Highgate. In Hampstead tube station, something titters in the shadows of the platform. In Surrey, a phone rings. The agents of the Westenra Fund are on the case… The origins of the organization … Continue reading The Westenra Fund

Men From the Ministry

Today's entry in the Royal Occultist Compendium delves into the bureaucratic wrangling of  the Ministry of Esoteric Observation and Containment. The Ministry of Esoteric Observation and Containment was formed in 1907, following the disappearance of Edwin Drood, the then Royal Occultist. Drood, a firm believer in the rational sciences and the observation, classification and regulation … Continue reading Men From the Ministry