Six Men

You really think you summoned a ghost from your bathroom mirror?- Morjana Day 12 of the 2021 Fright Festival and I'm cheating a bit with this one. I actually saw Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury's 2020 effort Kandisha a month ago and decided to give it another watch so that I'd have an excuse to … Continue reading Six Men

Stay With Me

I've been having bad dreams.- Simona I chose today's film on a whim, after seeing a few friends tweet about it - yay for the power of social media! - and by and large, it was a good one. Santiago Menghini's 2021 film, No One Gets Out Alive, based on Adam Nevill's book of the … Continue reading Stay With Me

The Dark Place

It wants to take me down there - to the dark place. - Susan Barrow I chose something new for Day 6 of my Halloween Fright Festival - Lawrie Brewster's 2017 film, The Black Gloves. I've watched two of Brewster's previous films, Lord of Tears (2013) and The Unkindness of Ravens (2016) and enjoyed them … Continue reading The Dark Place