All or Nothing Available For Review

All or Nothing, the newest Zombicide novel is available to request for review now on NetGalley. From the back cover: When former career criminal Westlake finds himself semi-zombified and shuffling towards Atlantic City, he freaks out. He’s supposed to be dead, after all. Kidnapped, he becomes part of a savage gladiator-styled show for the amusement … Continue reading All or Nothing Available For Review

Gaslight Ghouls on Kickstarter

Belanger Books' newest anthology, Gaslight Ghouls, is now looking for backers on Kickstarter! It contains a great line-up of stories, including one by Josh! Josh's contribution, "A Killing Thought", sees Holmes and Watson return to the scene of one of their most infamous adventures in pursuit of a foe unlike any they have faced before. … Continue reading Gaslight Ghouls on Kickstarter

Secrets in Scarlet

The author line-up for the newest Arkham Horror anthology, Secrets in Scarlet, has been revealed! Josh has contributed a story that delves into the watery alleys of Venice. Find out more at the Aconyte Books website, including brief interviews with the authors. You can also request a copy of the anthology for review from NetGalley. … Continue reading Secrets in Scarlet

Aconyte Humble Bundle

Aconyte Books has unveiled a massive new Humble Book Bundle of twenty-two books, including four titles by Josh! Donations go to support Worldreader - a global non-profit bringing digital books to children and their families. There's another fourteen days left before the offer ends, so head over to Humble Bundle today and give it a … Continue reading Aconyte Humble Bundle

Book of Carnacki Out Now

The new anthology from Belanger Books, The Book of Carnacki, is now available. It includes Josh's short story, "The Stalls of Wych Street" - a new tale of the Royal Occultist! Rather than drawing on existing pastiches, or simply presenting a selection of further, similar cases, The Book of Carnacki offers a range of new … Continue reading Book of Carnacki Out Now

Flower Path Now Available

The newest Daidoji Shin Mystery, Flower Path, is now available in digital and audio format from Aconyte Books! From the blurb: Opening night at the Foxfire Theater is set to be a huge success for Daidoji Shin, amateur detective turned theatre impresario. The City of the Rich Frog’s leading lights are all there, but even … Continue reading Flower Path Now Available

New Audio Drama

Exciting news! Josh's Arkham Horror novel, Wrath of N'kai, is now a full-cast audio drama, courtesy of Aconyte Books and Graphic Audio. It will be released by Graphic Audio on May 16 2022. It will be available on all platforms where audiobooks are sold, including Audible, Apple and more. Learn more here!

Aconyte Fall 2022 Titles

Aconyte Books has announced its line-up for Fall 2022, which includes a new Zombicide novel by Josh! From the blurb: Caught between murderous humans and hungry undead, a newly resurrected thief must survive a casino-turned-gladiatorial arena and his own growing bloodlust in this dark, yet vibrant splatterfest from Zombicide! When former career criminal Westlake finds himself … Continue reading Aconyte Fall 2022 Titles

Last Resort in Audio

Josh's newest novel, Last Resort, is now available as an audio book courtesy of Tantor Audio! Read by Joe Hempel, it's available for download from Audible. Check it out today! And if zombies aren't your thing why not take a look at some of Josh's other Audible offerings, such as Wrath of N'kai or Poison … Continue reading Last Resort in Audio