On the Eighth Day of Nagash…

There’s just one more day to earn a chance to win a signed copy of Nagash: The Undying KingI’ll be drawing a name from the hat tomorrow evening, and announcing the winner on Wednesday, so you have until midnight tomorrow night.

The Sheffield branch of the RSPCA does a lot of good work, and all of their funds are raised locally, through donations and charitable events. The centre costs around £2000 a day to run, and that ain’t small potatoes. Every little bit helps, folks. To those of you who’ve donated already – thanks, guys.

Too, how often can you say you got your hands on one of Black Library’s swanky limited editions for the low price of £5.00?  Outside of ebay, I mean. If you can give, great. If not, maybe retweet, reblog or share this post. Whatever gets the word out.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Nine Days of Nagash

Right, so…’tis the season. Christmas. A time of giving. A time of charity and compassion, unless your name is Jacob Marley. So, to that end, I’ve decided to raffle off a signed copy of Nagash: The Undying King, my newest Age of Sigmar novel, in return for charitable donations to a worthy cause. Continue reading “Nine Days of Nagash”

Learning Curve

So, a few days ago, I made my first homegrown ebook, The Royal Occultist: Haunted Holidays, available for purchase on the Royal Occultist site. Two dollars buys you a collection of five stories–four reprints and one all new story–in .MOBI, .EPUB, and PDF formats. Pretty good deal, I thought. Other people did as well, because I’ve sold like a dozen copies since I first made the collection available. So far, so good.  Continue reading “Learning Curve”