Chosen of Gork

The Furious Contest of Gork closed last night at midnight-ish, leaving me with a few dozen entries to sift through. As with the Crawling Contest, they were all uniformly excellent, barring the odd ‘I dipped a white-based orruk in green wash, give me my book’ entry. Which, while I admire the chutzpah, ain’t winning you bupkis, chum. And as before, I sincerely wish I had a few more copies of the book to hand out.

But in the end, as Russell Mulcahy taught us, there can be only one. And that one is… Continue reading “Chosen of Gork”

Conqueror of the Crawling Contest

The Crawling Contest of Ghur officially closed last night at midnight, leaving me with around fifty entries to pore over. And believe you me, that was no easy thing…they were excellent, each and every one. From Tyler Mengel’s slick-looking Retributors to Amy Snuggs’ wonderful Dread Saurian, each entry displayed such an impressive level of skill (not to mention reminding me just how *bad* I am at painting miniatures…) that I wish I had a few dozen more copies of the book to hand out.

But, alas, I’ve got just the one. So, this morning, I made my choice, based on various highly scientific metrics (i.e. what I thought was cool). And the winner is… Continue reading “Conqueror of the Crawling Contest”

The Crawling Contest of Ghur

So, here’s the thing…I don’t have enough space in my office. And I’ve got too many books. Especially books with my name on them. Stacks and stacks of contributor copies, taking up valuable shelf space. Periodically, I’ll give these away, one or two at a time, or else dump a load on some unsuspecting charity shop, but I’ve decided to change things up this year. Try and be a bit clever about it, yeah? So, I thought: contest. Everybody likes contests, right? Continue reading “The Crawling Contest of Ghur”

Free Fiction Friday: “The Savage Dreamer”

Welcome to the first Free Fiction Friday of 2016. Once or twice a month, I’ll be providing a link to a story of mine available to read for free online. I’ll also talk a bit about what inspired it, what sort of research I put into it, that sort of thing. So if you’re into that sort of thing, read on.  Continue reading “Free Fiction Friday: “The Savage Dreamer””

The Queen’s Conjurer

Shakespeare Vs. Cthulhu has funded! And to celebrate, why not read up on the protagonist of my contribution? Sometimes known as the Queen’s Conjurer, Dr. John Dee is the first incumbent of the offices of the Royal Occultist, as well as being a spy, mathematician, astronomer, and cartographer. To read about his adventures in Elizabethan England and abroad, visit THE ROYAL OCCULTIST site. And be sure to check out the rest of what the site has to offer afterwards–there are free stories and audio adventures as well as plenty of information about the world of the Royal Occultist, including an up-to-date chronology and short story listing.