Manly and Me

It's Manly Wade Wellman's birthday, and I want to talk about him. Have you ever read Manly Wade Wellman? You'd remember if you had. His stories ran the gamut from science-fiction to horror, and the latter were, as the man said, a bit Johnny Cash meets the Cthulhu Mythos. He wrote about Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challenger fighting the Martians and … Continue reading Manly and Me

Dig the Dead

“The church of St. Mawgan, in Kerrier, was formerly at Carminowe, at the end of the parish. It was removed thence to its present site on account of the ghoulish propensities of the giants, who used to dig up the dead from their graves. The in-habitants tried in vain to destroy them by making deep … Continue reading Dig the Dead