Reader Mailbag #5

On Twitter, @schafecast asks:

How is it going?

‘s going fairly well, actually. I’m surprisingly busy for this time of year, even accounting for a six month old daughter and an imminent change of scenery.  I’ve got a collection of short stories coming out in a few weeks, Doug Bradley (of Hellraiser fame) had some nice things to say about my contribution to The Wicked and the Damned in a recent interview, and the new projects I’m working on are both financially and creatively rewarding.

So, all in all, things are good.

PSA – Series Pages

Just dropping a note to say that I’ve begun updating the site with dedicated pages for characters such as the Royal Occultist or series such as the Nightmare Men. These pages will be regularly updated, with a chronological listing of all works in the series, as well as any relevant blog posts, interviews, etc. Continue reading

Twenty Questions

So, in the past there has been a plethora of ways in which a curious reader might ask me a question, including, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr, et cetera. There was even a page on this site. Unfortunately, having too many options is just as bad as too few. In the interests of being a bit more efficient with my time, I’ve decided to consolidate my efforts. To that end, I’ve decided to start up a new regular feature here – the Reader Mailbag. Continue reading

PSA – Site Changes

As you might have noticed, I’m fiddling with the site. I’ve removed a few pages and posts, and changed stuff around a bit. One of those things was the ‘Ask Josh’ page. I’ve decided to make that a more general ‘Reader’s Mailbag’ type of thing, where I can answer your questions in an actual post, rather than a brief comment.

So. If you have a question you want answering, and you don’t mind it being front and centre in a post, ask away. To anyone whose questions/comments suddenly vanished, my apologies. Ask me again, either via a comment here or on Twitter or Facebook, and I’ll endeavour to answer it in a timely fashion.

My apologies for any confusion or frustration this might have caused. Or will cause in the future, as I’m not done messing with things yet.

New Works, 2018 Edition

It’s been a busy year. I became a father. Got a dog. That sort of stuff. Also, I wrote some stuff. And since I’ve been a bit remiss in posting about some of it, I decided to get it all done at once before the year comes to a close. Below is a list of everything I’ve had published in 2018, with links to where you can check it out, if you’re of a mind to do so.  Continue reading