Reader Mailbag #2

@FoxOfWilliamSt asks:

do you have a favourite chaos god?

Not really. From a writer’s standpoint, they all have interesting aspects worth exploring.

have you read Scourge of Fate by robbie?

Not yet! But I’m hoping to do so soon, once I work through my to-be-read stack.

hypothetically speaking who would win in a fight Balthas Arum or Knossus Heavensen

As with every ‘who’d win’ question throughout history, it depends on context. Why are they fighting? What’s at stake? Who struck first? Are they in their right minds? Where is the fight taking place? Most importantly, who does the writer need to win?

But since coming up with all of that requires me to write a short story for free, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Sorry!

which is your favourite chaos space marine army

I don’t have one. Space Marines, Chaos or otherwise, aren’t really my bag. If I had to pick…Emperor’s Children, I guess? I’ve read enough about them to have some affection for their utterly broken way of existence.

Reader Mailbag #1

Amelia Gradt asks:

Do you accept fan art for your stories, and if so do you have a safe/secure means for fans of your work to send their art? I’ve seen some artists upload to twitter/tumblr but for non-twitter/tumblr users are there any other methods? I’d love to send you some Fabius art. Thanks!

I do accept fan art, but regrettably the only methods available at the moment are Twitter and Tumblr. I’ve considered setting up an email account for fan-mail, fan art and the like, but unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to it yet – and probably won’t for a good while yet.  You could try sending it to me via Facebook, if you like – I’d love to see it!

That goes for all fan art, really. I love seeing readers’ interpretations of my characters. Nothing makes my day more than to see that what I wrote inspired someone to create art of some sort. So if you have some – feel free to shoot me a link on Twitter at @JMReynolds and/or Tumblr at @occultdetectives.


Last week, I mentioned that I’d be opening the floor for reader questions here. Well, today is the day. So…if you have questions for me, relating to my work, now is the time to ask them. You can do so either on Twitter, using the tag #AskJosh, or in the comments of this post.

As questions come in, they’ll go into the mailbag. I’ll then select one at random and answer it here once a day, once a week or once a month, depending on the volume, and my schedule. Fair warning, though – some might not get answered immediately.

Note: To those of you who’ve already posted questions in the comments of the previous posts, don’t worry. They’ve already gone in the bag, so no need to post them here. 

Twenty Questions

So, in the past there has been a plethora of ways in which a curious reader might ask me a question, including, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr, et cetera. There was even a page on this site. Unfortunately, having too many options is just as bad as too few. In the interests of being a bit more efficient with my time, I’ve decided to consolidate my efforts. To that end, I’ve decided to start up a new regular feature here – the Reader Mailbag. Continue reading