Song’s End

Alternative Realities has announced some of the authors who’ll be contributing to their forthcoming anthologySummer’s End, including folks like Sarah CawkwellAdrian Tchaikovsky and me.

My contribution, “The Last Song of Iranon”, is a follow-up to my 2014 story, “Mordiggian’s Due”, which appeared in Pulp Mill Press’ Libram MysteriumIt continues the adventures of Amina Algol and her ghoulish siblings in Earth’s Dreamlands. This time, they’re on the hunt for a murderous ‘ghost-eater’ in the lizard-haunted ruins of Sarnath, as he attempts to employ the talents of a mournful ghost to uncover a hidden treasure.

Just Write the Damn Thing

Today I’ll be turning things over to my compatriot, Bob Freeman, as part of the virtual tour for his newest novel, Keepers of the Dead, the second book in the Cairnwood Manor series. There’s a full itinerary for the tour available, if you’re interested, as well as links to the novels. I heartily recommend that you try them, as well as the rest of Bob’s writing, out post-haste. Continue reading “Just Write the Damn Thing”

Eldritch Update

Yesterday brought some good news, of an eldritch bent. Eldritch Inquests, that is. It looks like the long-awaited second volume of the occult detective anthology I co-edited with Miles Boothe is finally on it’s way to the shelves. With stories by Neil Baker, Brian M. Sammons, Meredith Torre and Bob Freeman, among others, it’s sure to be a fine companion piece to the incredible first volume. Continue reading “Eldritch Update”