Tasting the Dark

Weird Ales 3: Last Orders, an inebriating anthology from Theresa Derwin and Lynne M. Cochrane, is now available in paperback. Besides luminaries such as Gav Thorpe, it also includes a nasty little story by me. “Tenebrae Dark” sees a corporate headhunter find more than he bargained for in his search for the secret of the eponymous drink.

It’s a fairly quick little story, and one I wrote almost a decade ago. What can I say – sometimes it takes a ridiculously long time to find the right market for a given work.

Weird Ales 3: Last Orders is available in paperback from Amazon.com and its subsidiaries. Why not grab your copy today?


Today is William Hope Hodgson’s birthday.

I guess it’s appropriate then, that the third and, sadly, final issue of SARGASSO: The Journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies is now available for purchase. I’m proud to say that among the 150 + pages of William Hope Hodgson related essays, review, fiction and poetry is my story, “Corpse-Light”. Continue reading “Corpse-Light”