Josh has created a number of popular properties over the last twelve years, including the Royal Occultist. Below is a list of all his creator-owned work to date, arranged according to date of publication and format. If you’d like to learn more, click the links in the titles!


A steampunk cyborg defending the world from Martians, mad scientists and worse…

Short Stories


Last in a line of Styrian monster-hunters, stalking supernatural horrors in the wake of WWI…

Short Stories

  • “On Dark Wings” – Baron Vordenburg hunts a flock of flying monsters in the Ionian Sea.
  • “Devil’s Bridge” – Vordenburg battles an old foe onboard a train bound for Paris.
  • “A Test of Fortitude” – Vordenburg helps a friend deal with a dark family legacy in Venice.
  • “Sharp as Bristles” – Vordenburg hunts the monstrous Yule Cat on Christmas Eve.
  • “Hearts of Ice” – Vordenburg stalks a cannibal spirit in the Canadian wilderness.


A medieval monk, haunted by visions of a primeval Hell, battles the forces of the Mythos…

Short Stories

  • “Evil Fruit” – Corsi confronts a fungal horror in the depths of an old monastery.
  • “The Waters so Dark”Corsi hunts a sorcerer through the streets of Venice.


An enigmatic occultist investigates the unusual and the eldritch in Columbia, South Carolina…


  • Wake the Dead – Two men are eaten alive by insects. A plane carrying Egyptian antiquities goes down in flames. Yellow dogs and dead men prowl the street. Shadowy figures prepare to pay off a centuries old debt while the dead crawl out of their graves to greet an evil as old as time, an evil that spreads from the burning sands of Egypt to the kudzu soaked streets of Columbia in an attempt to claw its way back into the light. Evil never dies It just sleeps and dreams and waits

Short Stories

  • “Dreaming of Her” – Sarlowe must learn the secret of an ancient church in order to save a missing girl.
  • “This Hungry Earth” – Sarlowe uncovers the dark truth of a local mortuary when a body goes missing.
  • “That Which Lingers” – Sarlowe finds himself on the wrong end of an attempt to resurrect a dead witch.
  • “Hideous Heart” – Sarlowe encounters something monstrous in a ruined motel.
  • “She Waits in Dark Waters” – A young Baxter Sarlowe encounters a vicious faerie on a trip to Scotland.
  • “Door of Hours” – Sarlowe attempts to help a woman suffering from lost time.
  • “Conspiracy of Contraptions” – Sarlowe faces a revolt by domestic appliances in a suburban home.
  • “Hate of Unborn Flesh” – Sarlowe confronts a horde of murderous toys.
  • “The Tiger, At Large” – Sarlowe hunts an unusual tiger in a museum.


A trilogy of linked vampire stories.

  • “Behind the Wall” – Workmen knock through a wall in a Brighton flat, and find something out of place.
  • “Summer of Lost Children” – Children are going missing on the Palace Pier, but it’s best not to mention it.
  • “The Last Streetlight” – Don’t listen if someone asks you to open the door.


Bruno J. Lampini: Eldritch Acquisitions, Professional and Discreet…

Short Stories


Stories about and inspired by William Hope Hodgson’s famous occult detective…

Short Stories


The Royal Occultist defends Britain against threats occult, otherworldly, infernal and divine…

Audio Dramas

  • Casefiles of the Royal OccultistA quartet of short adventures from the files the Royal Occultist, featuring maniacal cults, monstrous mummies, and more! 
  • Iron BellsSt. Cyprian and Gallowglass investigate ghoulish horrors in the Underground, and worse things waiting in London. 


  • Monmouth’s Giants: Casefiles of the Royal Occultist V.1Fashionable unwrapping parties awaken the dead. Ghouls stalk the Underground. Krampus steals the sinful. Famous magicians are kidnapped by shadows. Only the Royal Occultist can set these right.
  • Hochmuller’s Hound: Casefiles of the Royal Occultist V.2From the shattered cities of the western front to the high occult parties of London, a monstrously altered hound stalks. Dedicated to giving the gods physical form, Dr. Ptolemy builds his own vessels for ancient beings and eldritch terrors, either on his own or alongside the Hound. Only the Royal Occultist can stand resolute against these implacable foes.


  • The Whitechapel Demon – In the wake of a séance gone wrong, a monstrous killer is summoned from the depths of nightmare by a deadly murder-cult. It’s up to St. Cyprian and Gallowglass to stop the bloodthirsty horror before another notch is added to its gory tally, but will they become the next victims of the horror guised as London’s most famous killer? 
  • The Jade Suit of Death – Evil prowls the docks of Limehouse and a priceless artifact is stolen. London’s most notorious occultists gather in secret as a thousands-year-old spirit is released to unleash a plague that will feast upon humanity… 
  • The Infernal Express – Charged with the safe-keeping of the remains of Dracula, Charles St. Cyprian and Ebe Gallowglass depart London and race across Europe in death-defying mission to pass the remains over to those that can hopefully keep and guard them. As one might guess, nothing goes as planned.


  • The Coventry Street TerrorSt. Cyprian and Gallowglass join forces with a mysterious Styrian nobleman in order to prevent a deadly vampiric plague from taking root in London. 
  • The Door of Eternal NightSt. Cyprian and Gallowglass join forces with Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to defeat a sinister cult and an old enemy in London.
  • Fane of the Black QueenSt. Cyprian has gone missing, and Gallowglass must find him before an undead queen unleashes a cosmic horror on London.
  • The Caller in the DarkSt. Cyprian and Gallowglass investigate a family curse and a mysterious beast in the Mendips.

Short Stories

  • “Sign of the Salamander” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass deal with murder, foreign agents and a ferocious fire elemental in Egypt.
  • “The Artist as Wolf”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass locking horns with an artistically inclined lycanthrope in London.
  • “Iron Bells”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass investigate horrors in the Underground, and worse things waiting in London.
  • “The Jagtooth Lane Horror” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass tangle with an angry Viking ghost in the snickleways of York.
  • “The Dreaming Dead”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass face down a trauma-eating entity in Bethnal Green Infirmary.
  • “Krampusnacht”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle the demonic Krampus in London on Christmas Eve.
  • “Merry John Mock” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass deal with ghostly swine and malevolent mummers during a Winter Solstice in the Channel Islands.
  • “An Ounce of Prevention” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass taking on an avian entity of the Pictish persuasion in rural Cornwall.
  • “The Unwrapping Party”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a linen-shrouded horror out of black aeons at a Soho mummy-unwrapping party.
  • “The Gotterdammerung Gavotte”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass join forces with five other occult detectives, including John Silence, to confront the horrors of the Great Old Ones.
  • “The Wedding Seal”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass deal with a Selkie under domestic duress and her fierce kin in the Orkney Islands.
  • “Feast of Fools” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass face down the sinister Saturn Society on a bothersome Boxing Day.
  • “Owd Hob”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass match wits with a vicious boggart in Suffolk.
  • “In the Dark and Quiet” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a monstrous not-a-ghost beneath the Bank of England.
  • “The Devil of Dog-End” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass hunt down a fearsome ghost in York.
  • “The Bells of Northam”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass team up with Harley Warren and Randolph Carter to prevent the rise of a horror out Roman times.
  • “The Third Death of Henry Antrim” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass hunt for a vampire during a Christmas party.
  • “Monmouth’s Giants”Thomas Carnacki makes the acquaintance of one Charles St. Cyprian as they investigate ghostly giants in Guildhall. 
  • “Dead Men’s Bones”Thomas Carnacki and his assistant, Charles St. Cyprian, join forces with American ghost-breaker John Bass to battle a giant made from the corpses of fallen soldiers.
  • “Hochmuller’s Hound”Thomas Carnacki and his assistant, Charles St. Cyprian, battle the monstrous Hound of Mons.
  • “The Hungry Stones”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass match wits with a possessed woman and a lupine horror in Derbyshire.
  • “Deo Viridio”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle a pagan fertility god in Lincolnshire.
  • “Wendy-Smythe’s Worm”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a rapacious and ever-expanding serpent of mythical, malevolent proportions in Kensington.
  • “The d’Erlette Configuration” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass must solve a demonic puzzle-box before an unholy unpleasantness is unleashed.
  • “The Riders of St. George”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass seek to exorcise a host of murderous undead knights in Hertfordshire.
  • “The Strix Society”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a deadly society of psychic predators in London.
  • “The Teeth of Winter”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass hunt a cannibalistic ogre with the help of fellow occult investigator, Lone Crow, in Northern Alberta.
  • “The Pnakotic Puzzle”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass match wits with a bevy of devilish intruders, including a time traveller and an amorphous entity.
  • “The Faceless Fiend”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass go up against a monstrous killing thought, summoned by a combination of higher mathematics, devilish incense and illicit carpentry.
  • “Hairy Shanks”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass face the fangs of a phantasmal bear in the sewers of London.
  • “Deep Red Bells”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle an antediluvian ghost in Dorset.
  • “The Return of the Hound”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass encounter an old foe in a new form in the wilds of Limehouse.
  • “The Hunting of Philip Ackroyd”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle a phantasmal predator in their own sanctum sanctorum.
  • “The Necromancer’s Drum”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront the walking dead, a cunning necromancer and a demonic Ankou in darkest Wessex.
  • “The Creature from the Abysmal Sea” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass join the London Tunnel Authority in a hunt for a creature from an otherworldly sea, loose in the sewers of London.
  • “The Fates of Dr. Fell”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a sinister fortune-teller on a train to Penzance.
  • “A Tiger’s Heart, A Player’s Hide”Dr. John Dee, and his assistant, William Sly, investigate a mysterious plague afflicting the playhouses of London.
  • “Squatter’s Rights”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass must rescue a friend from the monstrous attentions of an unwelcome tenant in Brichester.
  • “The Hound’s Daughter”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass investigate a mystery involving two old foes in the heart of London. 
  • “Orbis Tertius”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass attempt to prevent a memetic horror from overtaking the Voyager’s Club, and all of London. 
  • “The Black Brotherhood”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a shadowy secret society in Hampstead.
  • “The Cult of the Horrible” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle a cult of monster-worshipping vivisectionists in South Yorkshire.
  • “The Charnel Hounds”Thomas Carnacki and his assistant, Charles St. Cyprian, confront an infestation of ghouls in the trenches.
  • “Terror on the Links”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass encounter ghosts, golfers and worse in West Kilbride.
  • “The Roaring Ship” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass battle zombies and a spectral Zeppelin in Swaffham.
  • “The Uninvited Guest”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass encounter a malevolent spirit in a Soho loft.
  • “The Bride of the Hound”St. Cyprian must face a cavalcade of horrors at a fancy dress dinner party in Myrdstone.
  • “The Second Occupant” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront the vengeful occupant of Lot No. 249 in their back garden to save the life of Abercrombie Smith.
  • “The Bascomb Rug”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass hunt a monstrous killer in Orkney. 
  • “The Great Revelry”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a murderer with a mania for the Dionysian Mysteries in the halls of the Voyagers Club.
  • “Fiends Fell”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront an aquatic horror in the north of England. 
  • “Unquiet in the Earth”Ebe Gallowglass and her assistants investigate ghostly giants and government conspiracies in a Cornish village.
  • “Creeping Crawlers of Clavering”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass investigate a peculiar spectral manifestation at England’s most haunted house – Clavering Grange.
  • “Ironwood Wardrobe”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass join forces with Sherlock Holmes in order to investigate a case involving a missing child and a magical wardrobe.
  • “Scholar’s Fire” – As the Great Fire threatens London, the Duke of Cumberland and his servant, John Cadmus, hunt down an errant alchemist and a fiery salamander.
  • “The House of Bast” –  St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a surgical horror of monstrous proportions in Wapping.
  • “The River’s Brink”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront a murderous river spirit on the Tees.
  • “Cheyne Walk, 1985”A reluctant medium is forced to plumb the secrets of No. 427 Cheyne Walk by the Ministry of Esoteric Observation.
  • “A Whisper of Soft Wings” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass must solve a series of murders involving an airborne killer of unknown origins.
  • “They Shall Eat Dust”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass confront the spirits of the unhappy dead in a forgotten tube station.
  • “The Mere”St. Cyprian and Gallowglass uncover a deadly threat in a Fenlands cottage.
  • “The Disagreeable Bridegroom” – Edwin Drood and his apprentice, Thomas Carnacki, investigate a peculiar haunting, involving the East India Club and an age old debt.
  • “The Fear-Collector” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass attempt to capture a fear-obsessed madman in the heart of London.
  • “The Tallboy” – St. Cyprian and Gallowglass face a murderous wardrobe in South Hams.


It’s the Censor’s job to maintain the integrity of reality – whatever the cost…

Short Stories


Amina Algol and her ghoulish siblings seek to bring Mordiggian’s justice to Earth’s Dreamlands…

Short Stories

  • “Mordiggian’s Due”Amina and her siblings face off against a cunning sorcerer and a mummified wrestler in Dylath-Leen.
  • “The Last Song of Iranon”Amina and her siblings pursue a murderous treasure-hunter through the ruins of Sarnath.
  • “The Orphan of Bones” – Amina and her siblings hunt down a pair of roguish tomb-robbers in the Bnazic Desert. 
  • “The Ghoul’s Portrait”Amina and her siblings seek a thief of the Waking World in shadowed Hlanith.


He has served at the pleasure of the President of the United States since before there was a President, or a United States…

Short Stories


There are places where the Devil don’t stay, but Jackapo County ain’t one of them…


  • Bury Me Deep and Other Southern Folk Songs – There are two ways to know when you are entering Jackapo County, South Carolina. The first is the sign. It is rusted through now and lays limp and bent in a ditch on the side of the road, its green face strangled by the thick, fleshy kudzu vines that pervade the county like the bulging veins of an arthritic. But it’s there, greeting visitors as they come. The second way is more instinctive. You know when you are in Jackapo County when the hairs on the back of your neck rise and your bowels clench, for there are many hidden places in Jackapo County. Some bloom with achingly colourful wildflowers, in others things hide from the light beneath the boughs of nodding trees and wait until dark to emerge. So welcome to Jackapo County. We hope you enjoy your stay…


  • Dog Fight Night – A backwoods illegal dog-fighting ring hides a deeper horror – something ancient and hungry.

Short Stories

  • “Kudzu”Kudzu ain’t called ‘the vine that ate the South’ for nothing.
  • “Four and Twenty Blackbirds”A murderer suffers retribution from beyond the grave.
  • “Brute Heart” – A battered woman takes steps to tame her violent husband.
  • “The Water, Her Temple” – Not every god is native to the land where they reside.
  • “Occupied” – A porta-potty offers precious little refuge when a primeval monster comes calling.
  • “Boogats Catch Peepers” – The hiss of leather wings foretells death for the unwary.
  • “Night Falls Over Tenebre” – A flooded town hides dark family secrets.
  • “A Song from a Bone Flute” – A bone flute offers the town scapegoat a chance at revenge.
  • “The Dark Beneath the Trees” – A sword and sorcery story from Jackapo County’s primeval past.
  • “Dead Frogs”A county worker finds more than he bargained for in a flooded ditch.
  • “Corn Wolf” – Confederate soldiers sacrifice a Union prisoner to the wolf in the corn.
  • “Razoreater and the Rattlebones” – A swamp-pirate contends with a witch and her familiar.
  • “Seeking Whom He May Devour”A group of farmers attempt to destroy the wolf in the corn.
  • “Tenebre Dark”A corporate investigator attempts to uncover a brewer’s secret recipe with bloody results.
  • “Hungerpillar” – A county work crew uncovers something strange in a flooded burying ground.


New stories about the classic pulp hero, Jim Anthony


  • Mark of TerrorJim Anthony finds himself caught up in a world-wide conspiracy of murder and carnage as two ancient Greek cults square off against each other in modern times – each vying for world dominance over the other.
  • The Vril Agenda (with Derrick Ferguson) Upon completing his training with the Warmasters of Shamballah, Dillon journeys back to America to begin the next phase of his training under tutelage of one of the greatest adventurers of all time, Jim Anthony – The Super Detective. Now the old warrior and his young student, aided by Anthony’s loyal family and allies, will take on this new threat, pitting their lives against powerful adversaries. From New York to Berlin and then on to a hidden civilization at the bottom of the world, the Super Detective and his two-fisted protégé must stop the fiendish Sun Koh before he can unlock the ages old secret of the Vril power.


  • Death in YellowAnthony and the murderous Count Zaroff square off against a group of savage Tibetan Yetis loose in the steel canyons of Manhattan.  
  • Death’s Head CloudA smothering fog of doom heralds a terror that leaves a pile of bloody corpses in a busy subway station! The Death’s Head Cloud strikes swiftly, snaring innocents in its foul grip, leaving madness and death in its wake! Will Jim Anthony be able to solve this mystery or will he also succumb to this terrible menace?
  • Red ShambhalaA decades-old vendetta… A man thought long dead seeking revenge, two monstrous eagles at his beck and call… Men haunting rooftops, the skin ripped from their flesh… Rumors of stolen gold buried in a boxcar… And a villain so bold that he takes Jim Anthony’s headquarters hostage!

Short Stories


John Bass faces down haints and hexes in Jackapo County.

Short Stories

  • “The Weeping House”Bass battles the spectre of a brutal sorcerer in Charleston. 
  • “Wicked Wood”Bass faces down a daemon-haunted tree and the ghost of a witch-man’s familiar.
  • “Down in the Dark” – Bass attempts to lay to rest the murderous ghost of a woman’s abusive husband.
  • “Bury Me Deep”Bass comes face-to-face with a homicidal plat-eye in a county work-camp.
  • “The Screaming Place” – Bass races to save a child from the clutches of a nightmarish forest spirit.
  • “The Hog-Pen” – Bass tangles with a ghostly herd of swine. 
  • “River Baby Weeps” – Bass confronts a nasty spectre out for vengeance.
  • “Glory Hand” An old acquaintance of Bass’ forces him to lead the way to an ancient treasure.
  • “Prodigal Spirits”Bass eases a mother’s grief by laying out a dumb supper.
  • “Rattlesnake Eyes”Bass tangles with a stubborn corpse and unquiet spirits.
  • “Seven Heart Beats”Bass faces a terrifying Cherokee spirit in order to save the soul of a dying man.
  • “Laying the Hairy Book”Bass battles a coven of witches over possession of a devilish grimoire.


The Man With the Action-Packed Expense Account!


Evil stalks the Old West, and only a few brave souls stand against it.

  • “The Screaming Gun”Its said the Devil made a gun, and gave it to the wickedest man this side of Hell
  • “Under a Texas Moon” – Sheriff Snow and a carnival wolf man have a showdown with a real monster.
  • “The Bone Orchard” – Joyner Narne picks up Cvjeck’s trail in a ghost town.


  • “The Children of Perun” – Marshal Ney encounters a murderous cult during the siege of Moscow.
  • “The Shadows of Irem” – A band of deserters attempt to plunder an ancient ruin during Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt.
  • “Counting Spoons” – Marshal Ney encounters a devilish spirit on the retreat from Moscow.
  • “Iuldvitch and the Dead” – A Cossack must come to terms with death and the dead.
  • “The Long March” – Marshal Ney must battle both the living and the dead on the retreat from Moscow.
  • “The Black Pullet” – Alexandre Dumas, Marshal of France, encounters sorcery and treachery in Cairo.


Odds and ends; stories about monsters, madmen and heroes…


  • Born Under a Bad Sign – Bad Signs are Everywhere: From Russia suffering under the advance of Napoleon’s army to the trenches in France as it fights the Kaiser. From an upscale apartment where a night of binge-drinking can inadvertently summon up the worst creatures of the outer darkness to a run-down Southern motel where you might check in but you won’t be checking out, Joshua Reynolds brings you twenty tales that will chill you to the bone.


  • Dracula Lives!Cream was the very definition of professional. He had carved out a life built on foundations of death and destruction, and it suited him well. So when an old friend got him involved in the hunt for an ancient casket and its grisly contents, Cream thought it was merely business as usual. But it was anything but. Now, Cream, the ultimate professional, finds himself entangled in a world he never believed existed-a world of devil-worshipers, secret societies, psychics and…vampires. As Cream plunges into the heart of the sinister mystery surrounding the casket and its contents, he learns one hideous, incontrovertible fact…despite all evidence to the contrary, despite everything he’s ever been told…DRACULA LIVES! 


  • InzignaninJesse Holmes had been hired to capture the Bishopville Lizard Man. But it’s nine feet tall, with nearly impervious scales. It’s from another age, in more ways than one–and ready for war. That’s to say nothing of cryptozoological scientists, strip-mall lawyers, businessmen with ethereal connections, and a Civil War-era ghost pulling a city’s strings.

Short Stories

  • “Big Nasty”Researchers in the Antarctic find more than they bargained for…
  • “The Dunwich Father”A story about family, and tentacles.
  • “The Mirror Story”When you look in a mirror, have you ever thought about who’s looking back at you?
  • “Secrets Told in a Carolina Motel Room” – Even angels can be forced to give up their secrets.
  • “Mister Perfect” – He was perfect. Or would be, once she got finished with him.
  • “Turn Lane” – One moment can change everything – or not.
  • “Angels in the Ashes” – Can a man be forgiven for his crimes, if the victims are ash and bone?
  • “Beneath the Black Ice”A mage encounters a rival sorcerer and a hideous monster in the northern wastes.
  • “Title Shot” – An aging boxer is given one last shot at the title – but this time his soul is on the line.
  • “Distortions”There are things the eye cannot bear to see.
  • “American Golem”They were tearing him apart. Unravelling him like a ball of string.
  • “Confessions of a Cannibal Sun”A little flare. Just a flash on the other side of the sun, our sun, and it was gone.
  • “Intervention”“This isn’t good for you.” The words were flat. Colourless.
  • “Signal Strength”“I’m glad you’re here.” Tom looked up at her, a smile on his face. It didn’t reach his eyes. 
  • “Shadow Boys” – Ghosts come in all shapes and sizes – and sometimes they have a job to do.
  • “Manasa” – She was too lovely for words – too lovely to be real…
  • “Sharp Things”A hired killer encounters a man full of sharp things.
  • “Phantom Limb Syndrome”You can feel it, even if its not there.
  • “Just an Old Fashioned Love Song” – The last ride of Dream-Girl and the Shape.
  • “Daniski’s Wolf” – Daniski has a problem – a wolf that isn’t there.
  • “LOLcats”Talking cats were funny…at first.
  • “On His Shield” – Abraham Van Helsing escorts Quincy Morris’ body back to Texas – but is Morris truly dead?
  • “The Many Gods of Alan Wren” – Can a man have too many gods?
  • “The Hungry Man” – A horror stalks the battlefields of World War I.
  • “Veteran of the [CLASSIFIED] Wars”A psychic soldier redefines the parameters of conflict.
  • “The GENErevolution is Now”Bad things happen when you mess with the building blocks of life.
  • “Rush Hour”Time is speeding up…and running out.
  • “Snapshot of a Chicago Cannibal” – The last Bender stalks the industrial jungle of Chicago.
  • “Flotsam” – The tide brings in more than just seaweed.
  • “Last Man” – What is the last man on Earth afraid of?
  • “Nemo at R’yleh”Captain Nemo journeys to a sunken island of horrors.
  • “CC Rides Out” – Even cancer needs a vacation once and a while.
  • “Seven Year Itch” – The itching was driving him crazy. It was like something was growing under his skin.
  • “Camazotz”A stolen mummy leads to madness and destruction in turn-of-the-century Mexico.
  • “Love in the Time of E. Coli” – Love can bloom in the strangest of places.
  • “Piper at the Edge of Winter”A strange busker causes a commotion on a Brighton street.
  • “Song of Stones and Sea” – A gold coin causes an unlucky man to feel the pull of the sea.
  • “Constantine’s Wolves” – Constantinople is falling, and something is waking up in the depths.
  • “Riding the Bull Moose Special”Ghosts and guilt plague a railroad detective.
  • “The Far Deep” – At the Battle of Lepanto, a knight encounters a horror out of the depths.
  • “The Slaughter Flock” – Two adventurers in ancient America encounter a group of legendary assassins.
  • “Elizabeth on the Island” – A young woman alone on an island, with no memories – only fear.
  • “Eliza”In the cruel empire of Tsan-Chan, a young woman attempts to escape her fate.
  • “Hell’s Hand”A pulp hero battles a Satanic cult.
  • “Devil’s Crater”An expedition to a remote island encounters flying horrors out of prehistory.
  • “Saxon and the Stand Down”A Pinkerton must capture a felon hiding in a mining camp.
  • “Hounded”An attempt to use time travel to undo an election has apocalyptic consequences.
  • “Bultungin”John Dollar is sent by a Lagos crime boss to capture a witch.
  • “Pittailiniq”Something evil has taken hold of a trading post in the far north and only an Inuit holy man can put it right. 
  • “Incident at the Plateau of Tsang”An exiled Cossack leads an expedition to Leng in the wake of the Russian Revolution.
  • “How the Professor Taught a Lesson to the Gnoles”Professor Moriarty goes to war against an inhuman enemy.
  • “A Mote of Black Memory”Two psychic investigators attempt to uncover the truth of Jack the Ripper’s identity.
  • “Barnard’s Law” – Kit Marlowe must uncover a Spanish plot against a queen-in-exile.
  • “Máscara contra Murciélago” – A masked wrestler must battle mutants and his own conscience.
  • “Cemetery Gun” – Beckford defends the dead – even against the living.
  • “The Bayonet” – Is Seed a lunatic – or a man at war with a race of monsters?
  • “Murder is a Meal for Two” Two detectives solve a case of death by chili.
  • “The Maltese Tiger” – A thief gets more than she bargained for when she steals an infamous jewel.
  • “Ia, Django, Ia!” – Django has pursued his quarry from Tindalos to Leng – and now it’s time for the final showdown.
  • “La Chauve-Souris” – A murderous surgeon is freed from prison in order to provide a woman with her heart’s desire.
  • “Vast, Black, Brooding” – Charles Fort discovers the monstrous secrets of an infamous speakeasy.
  • “Ouroboros” – The cruel empire of Tsan-chan has reached its final hour – or has it?
  • “Midnight in the House of Bats”A band of mercenaries attempt to avert the apocalypse.
  • “Matched Pairs”A brutal gladiator joins forces with a druid in order to combat a sinister cult.
  • “The Campo”A pair of academics encounter a ghostly horror in Venice.


In the best tradition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle...

Short Stories


Two amoral sellswords in a world of magic and monsters.

  • “Doom of Wolves”The two sellswords encounter ghostly wolves and worse in the forest.
  • “The Singer in Darkness” – The two sellswords encounter a monstrous siren at the bottom of a crater.
  • “Vociferous Kai” – The two sellswords attempt to kidnap an oracle.


Vincent Price: actor, art critic, cook…detective?

Short Stories


Investigate the unknown with Harley Warren and Randolph Carter…


  • The Black Winged Ones – Years before he met Randolph Carter, Harley Warren joins force with Inspector Legrasse to investigate a rash of kidnappings in New Orleans…

Short Stories


Ulrich Popoca, ambassador of the Ameriquetzlan Empire, finds himself embroiled in one mystery after another, thanks to the troublesome Countess Felluci

Short Stories