An infant is found on a battlefield by scavenging ghoul-folk. Rather than devouring the helpless babe as would only be proper, the corpse-eaters instead decide to raise the girl-child as one of their own. They name her Amina, which means ‘charnel flower’ in the meepery of the ghouls, and she grows to womanhood in the bone-fields of dim Pnath, learning the ways of her adopted people and Earth’s Dreamlands. When she comes of age, she enters the service of the ancient god and father of all ghouls, Mordiggian, as is tradition among her adopted kinfolk. Now, alongside her ghoulish siblings, Bera and Arif, she hunts those who would seek to deny the god his due.

Amina and her siblings were inspired by a number of sources, the most obvious being HP Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle, as well as the mythopoeic stories of Clark Ashton Smith and Lord Dunsany. Brian Lumley’s Dreamlands series was another, Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser stories and, more recently, The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe by Kij Johnson.

While I’ve only written a handful of stories featuring Amina and co. as yet, I have plans for more, as well as an idea for what could easily be a novel. Hopefully, I’ll get to that last one sooner, rather than later. Until then, a full list of all the Amina Algol stories is available below, in chronological order.

  1. “Mordiggian’s Due”Libram Mysterium, Pulp Mill Press, 2014; Amina and her siblings face off against a cunning sorcerer and a mummified wrestler in Dylath-Leen.
  2. “The Last Song of Iranon”Summer’s End, Alternative Realities, 2016; Amina and her siblings find more than they bargained for when they pursue a murderous treasure-hunter through the ruins of Sarnath.
  3. “The Orphan of Bones”, Patreon Backer Story #13, 2018; Amina and her siblings hunt down a pair of roguish tomb-robbers in the Bnazic Desert in order to rescue a dead prince. 
  4. “The Ghoul’s Portrait”Pickman’s Gallery, Ulthar Press, 2018; Amina and her siblings seek a thief of the Waking World in shadowed Hlanith.