In the beginning there was fire. And from fire came heat. And from heat came eight. Cutter. Smasher. Hunter. Slasher. Crusher. Slitter. Chopper. Lasher. From eight shall come heat. From heat shall come fire. And in the fire there is ending. Such is the tale of the weapons known as the Eight Lamentations…

The Eight Lamentations began as a throwaway reference to the daemon-sword, Marrowcutter, in Black Rift, one of my earliest novels for Games Workshop’s Warhammer: Age of Sigmar setting. I expanded on that reference a bit, in order to create a suitable macguffin for a later novel, Fury of GorkDespite Marrowcutter vanishing into the shadowed abysses between the realms at the end of that one, I thought that there might be more to the story.

When it came time to pitch a series of novels, I immediately dug out my notes on the Eight Lamentations. I wanted to write something reminiscent of the fetch-quest fantasy novels of my youth – a disparate band of unlikely heroes, chosen by fate to seek out a mystic weapon or item, with the fate of a kingdom in the balance. Something a bit David Eddings, by way of Harry Turtledove and Michael Moorcock, basically. A traditional, big fat fantasy novel, albeit one set in the slightly off-kilter realms of Age of Sigmar.

And so, that’s what I wrote. I packed it full of everything I wanted from the setting – wild landscapes, cool characters, and exciting battles. Even better, people seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully, they’ll continue to do so for a while yet.

The original plan was simply a trilogy of novels, plus a handful of short stories, but that’s since expanded to include more novels, more short stories, and even a few audio-dramas. Below is an up-to-date list of the available and forthcoming Eight Lamentations stories, arranged in chronological order.

  • “Road of Blades”, Advent Calendar, Black Library, 2016; Ahazian Kel, champion of Khorne, travels a dangerous path in search of a weapon worthy of his destiny.
  • Spear of Shadows, Black Library, 2017; Grungni, god of the forge, gathers a disparate group of adventurers to seek out the deadly artefacts known as the Eight Lamentations…but they are not the only ones in search of the ancient weapons.  
  • “Auction of Blood”, Summer of Reading, Black Library, 2017; Palem Bok, book-dealer and spy, seeks to acquire one of the Eight Lamentations for his employer.
  • “The Tainted Axe”, Advent Calendar, Black Library, 2017; Roggen, demigryph knight and agent of Grungni, makes good on an ancient debt in the forests of Ghyran. 
  • War-Claw, Black Library, 2018;  Owain Volker and Zana Mathos, agents of Grungni, travel to an isolated outpost in search of one of the Eight Lamentations, and encounter a grisly mystery.